Custom RIB boats

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Under the brand name Blue Spirit, Euro Offshore BV can design and build custom RIB boats. RIB stands for Rigid hull Inflatable Boat and this type of vessel can be built according to your specifications. Custom RIB boats can be built from GRP, a lightweight but highly resistant composite material. Furthermore, our RIB’s can be built in various lengths, from 7 meters up to 12 meters. Because of the unique shape of a RIB and the first class materials that are being used in its construction, RIB’s made by Euro Offshore BV are considered to be among the safest vessels in their class.

Accessorize your custom RIB boats

All custom RIB boats can be even more personalized with the vast array of accessories that Euro Offshore BV has to offer. When it comes to accessorizing your custom RIB, you opt for different kinds of jockeyseats, an aluminum leaning post and safety features such as aluminum rollbars. If you are interested in the custom RIB boat service that Euro Offshore BV, under the name of Blue Spirit, has to offer, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010 for information about any questions you may have.

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