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Euro Offshore BV is one of the renowned free fall lifeboat manufacturers in the Netherlands. For many years, this Dutch company has been in the business of importing and the manufacturing of offshore lifesaving equipment. Safety is a constant issue aboard large vessels such as tankers or cargo ships and as free fall lifeboat manufacturers; the staff of Euro Offshore BV is very passionate about joining in the effort of increased safety on some of the world’s largest ships.

Free fall lifeboat manufacturers, two different versions

Because of the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea, or SOLAS, all ships must carry a certain amount of lifeboats. This treaty has ever since been expanded with a legislation that requires bulk carriers to carry free fall lifeboats. The same goes for large tankers with the addition that these lifeboats must be fireproof as well. Since the introduction of these rules in 2006, free fall lifeboat manufacturers have made great progress in developing safe, lightweight and fireproof free fall lifeboats. Like with most free fall lifeboat manufacturers, Euro Offshore BV is offering both the cargo version and the tanker version with a carrying capacity varying from 16 up to 40 people for the tanker version and as much as 75 people for the cargo version. If you are interested in the specifications of these free fall lifeboats and the davit systems that go with them, and you want know more, please feel free to contact Euro Offshore BV at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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