Lifesaving equipment

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For over 20 years, Euro Offshore BV specializes itself in offshore lifesaving equipment. Offshore lifesaving equipment consists of various types of lifeboats and rescue boats, in addition to the many types of Davit systems that Euro Offshore BV has come to be known for. With such experience and a highly motivated and passionate staff, we are also in the business of repairing lifesaving equipment and shipping them around the globe by using a vast network of distributors.

Different types of high quality lifesaving equipment

Euro Offshore BV distributes many types of rescue boats which are specially designed for offshore operations. No matter the type of boat, they are all made from high quality, fireproof glass fibre, reinforced polyester or GRP for short. At Euro Offshore BV you can choose from a wide selection of lifesaving equipment such as:

  • Rescue boats and fast rescue boats;
  • RIB (Rigid hull Inflatable Rescue Boats);
  • Totally and partially enclosed lifeboats;
  • Freefall lifeboats;
  • Davits and our brand new lifting hook system.

Of course all of this lifesaving equipment meet the requirements of mandatory regulations for large vessels such as tankers or cargo ships. If you are interested in the lifesaving equipment of Euro Offshore BV, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010 for more information about prices and services.

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