Rescue boat davit


A rescue boat needs to be mounted on the deck of a larger ship by using a rescue boat davit. These specialized cranes are built by a prestigious Dutch company called Euro Offshore BV. A rescue boat davit from Euro Offshore BV is a multi-purpose device that can hold either one rescue boat or several life rafts. The rescue boat davit is also equipped with a so called ‘Quick Return Unit’ that can retrieve the rescue boat once it’s been deployed.

Rescue boat davit tailored to your needs

The size and the safe workload of a rescue boat davit depends on the size of the rescue boat it’s supposed to contain. Because lifeboats exist in a standard variation of sizes, the standard designs for davits is therefore also limited. The experts at Euro Offshore BV however are capable of adapting these designs to a certain extent to comply to individual needs. If you’re not just looking for a rescue boat davit but also for the boat itself, Euro Offshore BV will be happy to oblige. We have decades of experience in building both davits and different types of rescue- and fast rescue boats. For more information on the company please browse our website. For more information about specific products or equipment, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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