Rigid inflatable boat


As a manufacturer of safety equipment, Euro Offshore BV can provide you with a custom built rigid inflatable boat, or RIB that meets all of the requirements as lay out by the SOLAS convention. These fast rescue boats are made from the highest quality fire retardant glass fiber and are ideally suited for search and rescue missions or for mobile offshore bases. With a speed of 28 knots, thanks to the inboard diesel jet engine, and a high maneuverability, a rigid inflatable boat is ideally suited for getting people out of the water fast.

Custom Rigid Inflatable Boat

A rigid inflatable boat from Euro Offshore BV is a custom build, high quality vessel with the capacity of having up to 16 people on board, depending on the type. The service of Euro Offshore BV does not stop with the delivering of a rigid inflatable boat though. We realize that you also need a lifting arrangement which is capable of carrying the rigid inflatable boat. If you take a look at the product information of all of the types of RIB’s you will find an advice for a suitable davit which can also be supplied to you by Euro Offshore BV. If you are looking for a sturdy and well built RIB, or any of the other lifeboats from Euro Offshore BV, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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