Euro Offshore imports and distributes a broad variety of offshore lifesaving equipment, such as rescue boats, lifeboats and davit systems.
For several decades, Euro Offshore has also been a forerunner in the building of customized ribs, aluminum workboats, and fibre glass/composite workboats in the Netherlands. Our clients consist of offshore and semi-commercial boat users, yacht owners, the military, and the national police force.

Under the name UC2K HD we deliver an easy to clean uv resistant transparent 2 component coating which will protect fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum and coated steel.


Besides the manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of lifesaving equipment, rescue boats, lifeboats and customized workboats, Euro Offshore also specializes in the annual servicing of lifesaving equipment on various vessels.

A prestigious provider of reliable products

Euro Offshore is one of the most prestigious providers of workboats, lifeboats, and davits within the European market, as well as the rest of the world. Through continuous innovation, our team has made Euro Offshore what it is today: a renowned company that designs and distributes reliable products to help save lives at sea.

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Blue Spirit Ribs

Blue Spirit workboats ; rigid inflatable boats of fiberglass designed for world wide delivery by container.
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Alunautic Workboats

Alunautic workboat line: aluminum rigid inflatable-, sport -, cabin boats, landing crafts and catamarans designed for world wide delivery.
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Fibreshark Workboats

FibreShark workboat line; fiberglass sport-, cabin boats, Aquahome and catamarans designed for world wide delivery.
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rescue boat & rescueboat

EO Lifesaving

EO Lifesaving (EOL) imports and distributes world wide lifesaving equipment, such as rescue-, freefall-, lifeboats and davit systems.

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rescue boat & rescueboat

UC2K HD Protection Coating

EO Trading supplies the UC2K HD easy to clean uv resistant coating for the Marine and Offshore industries. When the UC2K HD Coating has been applied to your product, dirt, fly rust and fouling do not affix to the surface area.

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