Custom aluminum boats


The custom aluminum boats that are built by Alunautic are made from the best aluminum with Marine Qualification and are built in accordance with the latest CE regulations. This means that the custom aluminum boats of Alunautic are always of the highest quality and provided with the safety features of the highest standard. As a part of Euro Offshore BV, Alunautic has professionals with over 20 years of experience in boat building for the professional offshore market. This experience makes it possible to build custom aluminum boats which are fully tailored to the clients requests.

Full service for custom aluminum boats

The custom aluminum boats of Alunautic are built in accordance to the highest standards, but even then they will need proper service and maintenance from time to time. Alunautic is the best company to choose for maintenance or repairs for your custom aluminum boat for one simple reason, they built it. And the service doesn’t stop there. Whether you want a sport boat or a workboat, all vessels can be upgraded with various accessories such as:

  • Jockeyseats;
  • Helmseats
  • Aluminum leaning posts;
  • Aluminum rollbars;
  • GRP or aluminium steering consoles
  • T Tops

For more information about our custom aluminum boats and an estimate on the price, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010

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