Fiberglass boat


A fiberglass boat is an ideal tool for use in critical situations such as rescue missions out at sea. All Rescue-, and lifeboats from Euro are fiberglass boats, and with good reason. A fiberglass boat means that the polyester in the case of Euro Offshore BV, has been woven in with fiberglass to give it more strength and makes it more rigid. And while a fiberglass boat isn’t as strong as for instance carbon fiber, the composite material has a very high resistance to both tensile and compressive forces, while being far cheaper than carbon fiber.

The applications of a fiberglass boat

A fiberglass boat is ideally suited to function as a life– or rescue boat because of the strength of the composite material. This combined with a reduced weight while maintaining a high level of rigidness makes a fiberglass boat perfect for serving as a freefall boat. The impact from the drop will be reduced because it is lighter than a boat made from most metals and sturdier than a boat made from aluminum. And because of this material, a fiberglass rescue boat is capable of carrying up to 500 kg, or 1100 lbs in people and equipment. For more information about our products please contact Euro Offshore BV at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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