Lifeboat davit


A lifeboat davit is a crane like device which is used to lower, rise and suspend a lifeboat on to the deck or the side of a larger vessel. Euro Offshore BV is a Netherlands based company with extensive experience in building, maintaining and attaching a lifeboat davit. A lifeboat davit, built by Euro Offshore BV is made to operate under difficult and extreme conditions and the materials used are capable of enduring the highly corrosive marine environment.

Platform lifeboat davit

At Euro Offshore BV a lifeboat davit is a platform davit which is mounted on the deck of a ship and that lowers the boat into the water with the help of its own weight. The platform lifeboat davit is designed to do this in one continuous motion without delays. A lifeboat davit can be purchased in different sizes with different capacities in order to accommodate all types of lifeboats, big or small. As an extra safety measure the lifeboat davit can be operated both electrically and manually in the event of a power failure. This ensures a safe use of the lifeboat and the davit can make a big difference in critical situations. For more information about lifeboat davits or other davit systems, please browse our website or contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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