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For many years now, Euro Offshore BV is a well-known lifeboat manufacturers company with a reputation for building rugged, tough lifeboats. These Dutch lifeboat manufacturers build vessels that are able to withstand wave impacts and that are extremely durable in the highly corrosive environment that the open sea is.

Lifeboat manufacturers that build to last

Euro Offshore BV builds lifeboats and other offshore rescue equipment that are meant to operate for a long time under sometimes very hard conditions. These lifeboat manufacturers know that freefall lifeboats have to absorb great impacts with the sea without shattering or being damaged otherwise. Therefore all lifeboats are made from GRP, a very strong and lightweight combination of fiberglass and reinforced polyester. As you may expect from these prestigious lifeboat manufacturers, all vessels are being extensively tested before they can be sold.

Lifeboat regulations

SOLAS regulations of 2006 state that all bulk carriers are obliged to have freefall lifeboats on board. The same goes for tankers, with the exception that these lifeboats also have to be fireproof. If you are interested in the purchase of a lifeboat or wondering if your ship is up to standards, please contact the lifeboat manufacturers of Euro Offshore BV at  +31 (0) 183 691010.

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