Lifeboat service

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Lifeboat service is vital in keeping lifeboats safe in case of an emergency. To this end Euro Offshore BV is not only in the business of selling lifeboats, but also maintenance and repairs are part of the lifeboat service that Euro Offshore BV has to offer. In more than 20 years our staff has built up a lot of experience and by now they literally know their products inside out. Because of the constant developing and testing of lifeboats and new materials, the professionals of Euro Offshore are the perfect people to attend your lifeboat service.

Lifeboat service as provided by Euro Offshore BV

Euro Offshore BV can offer you full lifeboat service and repairs. This lifeboat service is based on experience, skill and a reputation that is built on trust. The high quality equipment and materials guarantee the longest possible lifespan for your lifeboat. And not only can Euro Offshore BV provide service and maintenance for your lifeboat, but also for all other necessities you need in order to operate a lifeboat. Like the freefall system used on large cargo ships and tankers. With the lifeboat service of Euro Offshore BV, all of these components will work properly when needed. If you are looking for a company that is dedicated and passionate about maintaining the highest standard in lifeboat service, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010 for more information.

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