Offshore aluminium boats


Alunautic is a company in Netherland that builds, maintains, and repairs offshore aluminium workboats. This company is part of the Euro Offshore BV group which has decades of experience in building boats as well as offshore lifesaving equipment such as lifeboats and rescue boats. The offshore aluminium boats of Alunautic are known worldwide for their competitive pricing as compared to their Dutch craftsmanship. With good reason we build our boats from high grade seaworthy aluminium.

Offshore aluminium boats. Why aluminium?

The vast experience of Alunautic has taught us that aluminium is a very sturdy, safe and affordable material for building seagoing vessels. There are a few very good reasons that make aluminium the perfect material, and why the offshore aluminium boats of Alunautic are among the best and safest in their class. The reasons for choosing aluminium are:

  • More durable, long lived boat compared to fiberglass;
  • Aluminium is a material that can easily be repaired or customized;
  • A very high resistance to the corrosive influence of salt water;
  • Aluminium does not burn.

All this put together makes the offshore aluminium boats of Alunautic a safe, durable and financially attractive investment for your or your company. For more information about our offshore aluminium boats or other vessels such as RIB’S and landing crafts, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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