Rescue boat equipment


The rescue boat equipment of Euro Offshore BV consists of everything you need for quick and vital rescue missions out on the water. Euro Offshore BV has many years of experience in building and maintaining rescue- and lifeboats and this experience makes us very much aware of what is absolutely vital in rescue boat equipment. All of this equipment is naturally up to the standards of the LSA and in accordance with SOLAS regulations.

Full set of rescue boat equipment

All rescue boats of Euro Offshore BV are delivered with a full set of rescue equipment that meets the same high standard as the boat itself. The rescue boat itself is being delivered with safety features such as a propeller protection guard and a fuel tank with a capacity for 4 hours of operation at a speed of 6 knots. Besides the features already incorporated into the structure of the boat, the rescue boat equipment on board consists of:

  • Two separate batteries for power;
  • Hand held searchlights;
  • Compass with compass light;
  • Canopy and marking light;
  • 42V type charger
  • Position indicating light;
  • Extra battery;
  • SOLAS rescue boat equipment set.

Besides the boat and the equipment, Euro Offshore BV can also supply you with a davit system for suspending the rescue boat on the ship. For more information about rescue boat equipment or any of the other products of Euro Offshore BV, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010 for an answer to all of your questions.

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