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Ever since the formation of SOLAS, the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea, depending on the size of a ship, a rescue boat or multiple boats are a mandatory safety feature. This agreement was struck in 1914 and in the century that passed since then, the development of rescue boats has taken flight. New materials were developed and new structures were thought of, that drastically improve the safety and ruggedness of rescue boats, making them more safer and durable. The design of new engines makes a rescue boat much, much faster than before and speed is of course of the utmost importance in crisis situations, especially at sea.

A top quality rescue boat at Euro Offshore BV

Euro Offshore BV is a developer and distributer of offshore safety equipment. For decades we have been tinkering with our designs and materials in order to create the safest and most durable life- and rescue boats on the market today. A rescue boat built by Euro Offshore BV is made of a unique composite material called GRP. This is a blend of fire retardant fiberglass and reinforced polyester. This material is stronger than most metals such as aluminium, which is already very strong, and is even lighter. In comparison, aluminium is already only a third of the weight of steel. This combination of expertise and high-tech materials makes a Euro Offshore BV built rescue boat stand out among the competition. For more information on our rescue boats or any of our other safety equipment such as a davit system for your rescue boat, please contact us at +31 (0) 183 691010.

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